Learn to Check Company Registration

It is essential to register a company or a business through their secretary of state, also known as the Department of State office building. Secretary of state Offices keep business registration records that are available to the general public. State and federal government agencies provide various resources in person and on the Internet to prove that a business is legitimate and provides annual documentation requirements.

  • You can access the state website’s secretary. Various informational sites are present that maintain a list of business registration. You can search the desired query and can get the satisfying results.


  • If required, you can request the company's articles of incorporation from the secretary of state. These copies of registration documents are free in most of the states.


  • To determine that a company is incorporated or not, you can search Securities and Exchange Commission. However, it is not necessary for every company or corporation to file articles of incorporation with them.


  • Keep on checking the status of the company. Firstly find the company in the list and then check the status. An "active status indicates the business completes annual registration reports. A "dissolved" or "inactive" status means the business fails to maintain its annual registration reports. There are sometimes probabilities that these status may be for telling that the company is out of business or illegally representing itself as a legal corporation.

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